Expected Impact

VET Students

  • Access to a new training offer
  • Specialisation in an area with high level of employability
  • Development of knowledge in ICT and Robotics
  • Work-based learning in school environment and apprenticeships
  • Increase of motivation
  • Development of job market oriented soft skills
  • Acquisition of a qualification with national and international recognition
  • More job opportunities

VET Providers and Teachers

  • Delivery of a more attractive training offer 
  • Training of young people in courses with high employability 
  • Improvement of the capacity to respond to the skills needs of the job market 
  • Extension of the network of partnerships with enterprises at national and international level
  • Integrated use of ICTs
  • Implementation of work-based learning methodologies 
  • Access to a VET joint qualification and curriculum 
  • Access to training units ready to use
  • Decrease of dropouts  

Enterprises and job market

  • Access to personnel specialised in robotics and problem solving
  • Increase of quality, productivity and competitiveness
  • Creation of new jobs
  • Decrease in youth unemployment. 

Regional, National and EU Level

  • Decrease in youth unemployment
  • Matching of skills to the countries/ regions labour market needs
  • Mobility opportunities for the future workforce through recognition of qualifications 
  • Improvement of VET attractiveness
  • Implementation of national and transnational synergies to solve common problems 

Participant Organisations

The POs will benefit from most of the impacts referred and also the following: 

  • Learning of new lessons from the activities performed
  • Enhancement of VET qualifications designing
  • Transfer of learnt lessons and methodologies to other organisations at regional, national and European level
  • Delivery of more attractive VET training offer
  • Increase of VET visibility and attractiveness